Uglypitch Records : We are a music label based in Montréal, Canada. Mostly oriented in Hip Hop productions we don’t put any frontier to the type of sound that we release but most of the time it can be categorised as “Boom Bap”.

Our story begins in 2014, we had no specific goal except to create a label that characterizes our style of music. After a few projects our identity was completely traced and we worked with many artists both in Canada and in the United States. Being mainly composed of beatmakers we produce the majority of our albums, as much in the artistic direction, as the composition, mixing or graphic design. We also release a lot of instrumental projects which represent a large part of the music that we listen to, so the instrumental section naturally has its place in our catalog. We make this music for ourselves without sales objectives, if you arrived on this page it is that our music speaks to you, and that is all that one can hope for.

Latest Projects :