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IAMLAWN * Papillon *

Papillon is a neo-soul project written in the winter of 2018, in a time of heartbreak, an ending of friendships and beginnings of new chapters.
It speaks of love, storms, channelled wisdom, false friends, domestic violence, declarations of positivity and of a perceived life falling apart.
A collaboration by artists iamlawn and Uglypitch across continents, connected by music.

Instrumental Kool Mat Projects Sqreeb Téhu The SOULution

Uglypitch * Mastah Splintah *

Uglypitch Producers back at it again.
Because we all love pizza, and a bunch of beats.

Mastah Splintah by Uglypitch Records

Album Instrumental Kool Mat Kvnb. Projects Sqreeb Téhu The SOULution

Various Artists * A Tribe Called Quest *

This is “The World Meets” second project.
This project is a world wide collaboration of 12 producers paying hommage to “A Tribe Called Quest”!
12 beatmakers chop and screw the same samples that the tribe used, or their vocals, and bring it to new light! .

The World Meets: A Tribe Called Quest by Uglypitch Records

Bénito Born Twice Instrumental Kool Mat Projects Sqreeb Téhu The SOULution

Uglypitch * Warriors In Da Sewah *

Collaborative instrumental project with :

Téhu, Kvnb., The SOULution, Benito, Sqreeb, Born Twice & Kool Mat . On some samouraï comming from the sewah type of mood.

Warriors In Da Sewah by Uglypitch Records

Album Projects Sqreeb Téhu The SOULution Vic Monroe

Sqreeb * Cross The Border *

Sqreeb is a Montreal based beatmaker loving vintage samplers and records. Cross The Border is Sqreeb’s first project on wax.
Focused on making a connection between Canada and the U.S, more than 20 mc’s are aboard on Sqreeb’s instrumentals in this project.
The diversity of the beats of this project allowed him to make either chill and violent tracks, without sounding redundant along the journey, Hip Hop is universal.

Cross The Border by Sqreeb

Album Born Twice Projects Sqreeb The SOULution

Born Twice * Troma Chill *

This album is made fo,r and in collaboration with TROMA Films.

Tromachill by Born Twice

Album Projects Sqreeb The SOULution Vic Monroe

Vic Monroe * Soul Of Kaiju *

Produced by The SOULution
Earth Quake Produced by Sqreeb
Expresso Machines produced by Kool Mat
Saga’s remix produced by TyeHill

additional voices:
Ruste Juxx on track 4
IamLawn on track 9

Scratching by DJ GrazzHoppa
except for the track 7
scratch by Sqreeb

Soul of Kaiju by Vic Monroe

Album Projects Sqreeb The SOULution

Don Streat * New World *

Solo Album by Don Streat, produces by The SOULution & Sqreeb

New World by Don Streat

Instrumental Kool Mat Projects Sqreeb Téhu The SOULution

Uglypitch * La chaumine Vol. 1 *

This is an instrumental album made in 3 days in a remote location near montréal.
When canadian winters get hard thats when the beatmaking magic begins ,hand picked records , multiple synths and samplers gathered with some dope producers bringing the HEAT right back up !

La Chaumine by Uglypitch Records

Album Kvnb. Projects Slik Jack Sqreeb Téhu The SOULution

Slik Jack * Remixs & Extra Goodies *

The Best way to describe ( Remix`s & Extra Goodies ) is
to imagine Slik Jacks latest album ( Strictly For Killaz )
as a head-butt to the nose and ( Remix`s & Extra Goodies )
as a pimp with all his rings turned around slapping you
in the face !
Slik Loves his fans thats why he didnt half-ass this record
like most these bitches out here , he got some remixs ANNNNNNND !
Some brand new Goodies for you to discover.
With 4 chosen UGLYPITCH RECORDS Producers creating and
working there magic around some of the grittiest vocals on earth,
the outcome of this record will be remembered as one of a kind .

Remixs & Extra Goodies by Slik Jack