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Kvnb. * N U A G E S II *

If you loved “KVNB.” previous album “N U A G E S”, I bet you will love this one even more.
He remained loyal to his LoFi influences and the spacey vibes you got used to listen to in his previous projects.

In N U A G E S II he picked his best 20 beats from the last quarter of 2018 to last quarter of 2019.
This album completes the N U A G E S series.

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Various Artists * A Tribe Called Quest *

This is “The World Meets” second project.
This project is a world wide collaboration of 12 producers paying hommage to “A Tribe Called Quest”!
12 beatmakers chop and screw the same samples that the tribe used, or their vocals, and bring it to new light! .

The World Meets: A Tribe Called Quest by Uglypitch Records

Instrumental Kvnb. Projects

Kvnb. * N U A G E S *

After the release of his instrumental album ”insprd.” back in the spring of 2017, KVNB comes back in force with a new beat tape for the summer season of 2018 .
He brings a raw sound which is defined as lo-fi, boom bap, jazz hop or chillhop by many.
Remaining faithful to his style, the beatmaker from the northshore of montreal pushed his skills to another level on N U A G E S.
The album title reflects clearly the young producer’s last 6 months.

”someone told me a few months ago that I seemed to be on a nice cloud but it wouldn’t last. What that person didn’t know .. is I’ve been on that cloud for the past few years and I don’t plan my landing anytime soon.. It gave me the inspiration for the album title. Nuage means cloud in french. I had a big boost of inspiration the past 3 months before the release. 3/4 of the album was made in the last 3 months to be honest.
We keep learning every day. This whole year that passed was probably my most productive ever musically. I’ve been so locked in, I was able to develop new techniques and I feel at ease with those now. What could’ve took me hours to make a year ago takes me only a few minutes now. I think it’s the compound effect of the last 8-9 years that brought me to this level now ”.
This album is the ideal recipe for studying, reading or simply to hang out in good company. Chill vibes for all occasions.
Good listening ! 

N U A G E S by Kvnb.

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Slik Jack * Remixs & Extra Goodies *

The Best way to describe ( Remix`s & Extra Goodies ) is
to imagine Slik Jacks latest album ( Strictly For Killaz )
as a head-butt to the nose and ( Remix`s & Extra Goodies )
as a pimp with all his rings turned around slapping you
in the face !
Slik Loves his fans thats why he didnt half-ass this record
like most these bitches out here , he got some remixs ANNNNNNND !
Some brand new Goodies for you to discover.
With 4 chosen UGLYPITCH RECORDS Producers creating and
working there magic around some of the grittiest vocals on earth,
the outcome of this record will be remembered as one of a kind .

Remixs & Extra Goodies by Slik Jack

Album Instrumental Kool Mat Kvnb. Projects Sqreeb Téhu The SOULution

Various Artists * The World Meets DOOM *

The ( Beat Tape and Remixs ) Project is a collaboration of 18 producers world wide joining together to pay hommage to the one and only MF DOOM !
18 producers chop and screw the same samples the Villain himself used and bring it to new light
PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE METAL FACE ! First official project from the beatmaker Fléau.
Beatmaker, BBoy and great digger to just name a few, his project is guided by his chopped sampling technique.

The World Meets ** DOOM by Uglypitch Records

Instrumental Kvnb. Projects

KVNB. * .insprd *

Voici .insprd, un album complètement instrumental à saveur boom bap et downtempo.
Ce ” beat tape ” composé entièrement par KVNB contient un total de 25 beats (5 beats en bonus pour ceux qui se procureront l’album en ligne ou en copie physique).

KVNB. a ses racines ancrées dans un sol particulier. Restant fidèle à son style, les influences vintage du ” golden era ” font toujours partie de sa recette en matière de composition.

.insprd est donc composé en majeure partie d’échantillonnage, tant au niveau de la mélodie qu’au niveau de la sélection des percussions, drums etc.

Ce qui diffère ce projet des albums précédents de ce beatmaker des Laurentides, c’est l’intégration de différents VSTs (instruments virtuels) et de compositions de style ”chill hop/down tempo”.

C’est l’exploration de styles musicaux variés, de différents artistes et de plusieurs villes qui a inspiré KVNB. à ajouter certains éléments que l’on retrouve exclusivement sur ce projet.

.insprd saura donc plaire aux amateurs de hip hop dans les branches ” boom bap ”, ” chill hop ” et ” jazz hop ” 

Merci et bonne écoute ! 

.insprd by KVNB.