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Mehdi Cee & Sqreeb *2020 Vision*

2020 Vision is the first full album collaboration between Sqreeb from UglyPitch records and Remehdi Cee from the BoomBapCats.

Remehdi Cee and Sqreeb first met in 2010 on Sqreeb’s first mixtape and have been a tight fit ever since. Due to life happening and politics, Remehdi Cee stepped back from the scene and kept to himself, sharpening his skills and broadening his vision. In late 2018, Sqreeb hit up Remehdi to see if he was still ripping rhymes so he can feature on Sqreeb’s Cross the Border compilation to which Remehdi gladly agreed. “Razors” was written and released and a new spark was born. Both knew they had to create a full project and were working to create it. “We all human” was written to follow up “Razors”. On the 30th of March 2019, Remehdi’s wife unfortunately suffered a cerebral stroke and Remehdi’s life was turned upside down. As he was taking care of his wife, he was able to cope with the stress by writing the remainder of the songs while she slept. Sqreeb provided him with beats as therapy and 2020 vision was born. Expressing all the pain, pessimism and optimism from what Remehdi and his wife were both going through all while every facet of the Quebec system let them down to fend for themselves, “Where do we go” was written and recorded together with his wife 2 weeks after she suffered her stroke. The song contains his wife’s vocals as he wanted her to feel better and inspired. It was a natural selection as a single as it represents all the love and pain he was feeling while wanting to escape the dire situation they were both living. The remainder of the record was written and mixed to both artists’ satisfaction.

Just in time for the whole world to be infected by the Coronavirus, it is a fitting time to release a mental remedy in order to help us all get our minds off of a terrible situation and find some inspiration to get through it.

Thank you very much for listening and enjoying this record in the hopes that our mission can be accomplished and the whole world can get some relief for at least the length of this record.

With tons of love, 2020 Vision, produced by Sqreeb, performed by Remehdi Cee. 

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