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Kvnb. * N U A G E S *

After the release of his instrumental album ”insprd.” back in the spring of 2017, KVNB comes back in force with a new beat tape for the summer season of 2018 .
He brings a raw sound which is defined as lo-fi, boom bap, jazz hop or chillhop by many.
Remaining faithful to his style, the beatmaker from the northshore of montreal pushed his skills to another level on N U A G E S.
The album title reflects clearly the young producer’s last 6 months.

”someone told me a few months ago that I seemed to be on a nice cloud but it wouldn’t last. What that person didn’t know .. is I’ve been on that cloud for the past few years and I don’t plan my landing anytime soon.. It gave me the inspiration for the album title. Nuage means cloud in french. I had a big boost of inspiration the past 3 months before the release. 3/4 of the album was made in the last 3 months to be honest.
We keep learning every day. This whole year that passed was probably my most productive ever musically. I’ve been so locked in, I was able to develop new techniques and I feel at ease with those now. What could’ve took me hours to make a year ago takes me only a few minutes now. I think it’s the compound effect of the last 8-9 years that brought me to this level now ”.
This album is the ideal recipe for studying, reading or simply to hang out in good company. Chill vibes for all occasions.
Good listening ! 

N U A G E S by Kvnb.