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Kvnb. * N U A G E S II *

If you loved “KVNB.” previous album “N U A G E S”, I bet you will love this one even more.He remained loyal to his LoFi influences and the spacey vibes you got used to listen to in his previous projects. In N U A G E S II he picked his best 20 beats […]

Mehdi Cee & Sqreeb *2020 Vision*

2020 Vision is the first full album collaboration between Sqreeb from UglyPitch records and Remehdi Cee from the BoomBapCats. Remehdi Cee and Sqreeb first met in 2010 on Sqreeb’s first mixtape and have been a tight fit ever since. Due to life happening and politics, Remehdi Cee stepped back from the scene and kept to […]

IAMLAWN * Papillon *

Papillon is a neo-soul project written in the winter of 2018, in a time of heartbreak, an ending of friendships and beginnings of new chapters.It speaks of love, storms, channelled wisdom, false friends, domestic violence, declarations of positivity and of a perceived life falling apart.A collaboration by artists iamlawn and Uglypitch across continents, connected by […]